Assisted Living Residences

Bella Vida Residences are intended to people who, because of their age or physical condition,require monitoring and specialized care.

We offer a place of comfort where you can find a team of competent, caring and dedicated professionals, adapted infrastructures and a wide range of services designed to meet your needs.

We have a multidisciplinary team composed of:


  • Managers,

  • Generalist Nurse,

  •  Physician,

  •  Physiotherapist,

  • Gerontologist,

  • Social Service Assistant,

  •  Caregivers.

Assisted Living Residence services can be on full time permanence, temporary stay (special programs for summer holidays, Easter, Christmas, between others), rehabilitation/convalescence programs and day/night care center.

The Bella Vida Residences have at your disposal:

  •  Green Areas,

  • Libraries and reading spaces,

  • Spaces for praying/meditation,

  • Hairdressers,

  • Swimming pool,

  • Activity rooms,

  •  Multimedia rooms with internet,

  • Transport network,

  • Wellness activities programs,

  • Outdoor activities programs,

  • Recreational and cultural activities,

  • Sports activities,

  • Social activities.