About Us

The Bella Vida brand was created in 2009 within the ESTIALIVING SGPS SA and belongs to two Portuguese multinational groups – Financial APCL (personal holding of Costa Leite Family, founder of Vicaima group) and IM SGPS (personal holding of Irmãos Martins, founders of Martifer).

Bella Vida Residences provide gerontological and geriatric services with a high standard of quality and recognition, supporting those who need specialized assistance, offering a daily experience in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, with quality of life, with recreational, cultural and sports programs and, do not forget, living with their peers and with specialized, competent and caring professionals, that make Bella Vida Team.

We provide a range of services such as:

  • Assisted Living Residences,

  • Home Support Services,

  • Convalescence Unit,

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit,

  • Day/Night Care Center.